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This morning begins some major changes for half of our household.  As you might imagine with the timing of this post, these changes do all have to do with the school year beginning in our area again.

Jan and Cindy are transitioning to high school freshman, Greg is beginning his first year of middle school and my wife is beginning her teaching career in a private school starting next week but her first “official” act occurs tonight with Meet the Teacher conferences where the parents get to put a face to a name of the teachers utilized in the upcoming year.

We firmly believe that God guides our lives and so while some of these transitions are just the passage of time, the change with my wife certainly is not.  The path that led her to this position is just another one of those trails through life that should lead anyone who looks at it to a clear understanding that belief in God is always the simplest path to understanding what happens.  Certainly we may not always know why a loved one was taken too soon or why a terrible calamity like the persecution of Christians that is being carried out by ISIS in Iraq is allowed by a loving God, but there are times when we are allowed to see His plan unfold for us and it is amazing.

The path begins all the way back to when my wife’s first child was born.  Jan would turn out to have dyslexia.  Certainly a learning disability is again not something one looks on as a blessing but trusting in God has led my wife down a path that many would look at as coincidence, and while that certainly could be an explanation, I see it as the first step in the path God had for her.

As Jan grew at one point my wife decided to place her in private reading tutoring with a dyslexia specialist.  Through this connection as she had conversations with this tutor and became friends with her she learned that just a week later a special program from a college in another state was going to be offered here in our state.  The program flies up professors from the college for several weekends a year to complete the certificate program over a two year period.  Had God not placed my wife in that position at that time and led her heart to have the conversations she did at the times she did, she could easily have missed this window.  She had over a dozen other people in the program with her, but it is my understanding that subsequent attempts to continue this program have had lower enrollment so the college may not continue with it.  A window that may only be open for a short period of time was made known to my wife to lead her to the path she has traveled.

She would also not have been on that path to pursue that opportunity had she not been divorced and having to find a way to care for her children as a single mom which resulted in a career change after she lost her job in the business world.  At this time she started in home health care, recognizing her desire to be of service to others.  It was also during this period that she was saved and I firmly believe all this had to occur together for her to be open to her gifts of service in a way that allowed her to proceed down that path.

Now through the connections she made through her class she was led to a position helping our regional dyslexia association in an administrative role.  With all these connections she was contacted when this teaching position opened up in a private school which did not require the same degrees that a public school would need.  When this opportunity came up and initially when she was contacted they wanted a full time person.  My wife looked at our family situation and felt it was not the right thing to do, so she declined the opportunity.  Several weeks later she was contacted again and told that they were not having success in finding anyone who wanted the position full time so would she be interested in sharing the role with another person on a part time basis?  She interviewed and was accepted enthusiastically.  As she went in for what was to be a standard staff meeting, she was told her counterpart had subsequently declined the position and they were now looking for someone else.  While it would mean some significant change for our family my wife and I felt this was God pushing us to make the decision He wanted us to make in the first place: to take the role as a full time reading instructor at this school and share her gifts with many students to make them better instruments to fulfill God’s glory.  We quickly determined what the changes would need to be to allow my wife to take this role and promptly contacted the people at the school to let her know that she had reconsidered and we could make the full time role work if they would like to do that.  In the end they were very pleased to proceed in that direction and that is how we find ourselves at this morning.  Again, if you are not a person of faith you can simply say it was luck or randomness, however as a person of faith looking at the path that stretches back fifteen years to when God knit Jan together in my wife’s womb and included what would normally be viewed as nothing more than an unfortunate learning disability in her makeup and all that had to occur in between it is much easier to believe that a loving Father was simply using His skills to nudge, encourage and make plain the path that would lead her here.

The kids will need to adapt to a situation where my wife does not regularly work from home any longer and so we have the same logistical issues that most dual income families have.  My wife will need to adapt to not being able to run an errand in the middle of the day in between projects as she is back in a structured environment.

Change is a constant in our lives.  We can wake up one morning to a world totally changed as we did on September 11th, 2001.  We can find out that our lives are totally disrupted by a diagnosis of cancer or some other ailment.  We can walk into work one day and walk out hours later unemployed and not sure what to do next.  I find it much more hopeful to understand that someone knew this all would happen and that they in their infinite wisdom understand how all these leads to good.  That is what it means to know there is a loving God guiding the steps of everyone in this world, even those who do not believe.  It does not mean we will not know pain and anguish and hurt.  The winds of change will continue to blow.  I look forward to seeing where they will take us all.