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Life goes on

Posted: August 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Been a while since I posted.  Popping over here as I thought about the blog a bit recently to let those who follow know I’m still around.  Nothing has risen to the surface lately that seems worthy of attention, but a lot of “life” is going on for sure.

I’m frustrated with the state of the US and how things have progressed (or not) since our election and find that it is a draining force on things in general.  It has become normal to live in this abnormal place where things that should not take center stage do and where it is exhausting just to view it on the periphery.  I mentioned to my wife the other day as we were catching up on some late night TV in a binge watching few days that I was amazed that a certain event with our president had only occurred a week before the latest thing we watched.  It has seemed like so much longer ago because it is just so ludicrous to see what is happening.  I’m beginning to think that it had created a general malaise in many people I come into contact with and with myself as well.  I just want to get off the merry go round but it keeps spinning.  Good news is things have been a little quieter on the Washington front lately but things that should be a focus like how to help the poor people down by the hurricane area are being ignored with worthless tweets focusing on things that really have no need to be raised to national attention.

I’d encourage anyone new who stumbles upon this blog to look at the older articles to cover some ground of what challenges can arise with blended family life.  If you’ve got any questions or topic you want covered, post in the comments.